Operation Fierce Kindness:  Sound Bath and Community Ignition with Melanie Salvatore-August & Aya and Tyler benefitting Exhale to Inhale

Join Aya and Tyler with Melanie Salvatore-August author of the just released Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change (yellow pear press 2017) for an exploration of your hearts calling and your soul’s purpose, clear what is in between you and your best life with radical joyfulness, honesty, compassion, forgiveness and courage to serve- the tools of Fierce Kindness.    

Open level flow, gentle release to powerful vibrations with led self-inquiry from tools of transformation inspired by Mel’s new book Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change explored.  Come prepared to yoga with a journal, pen and ready open heart.  *books available at end for purchase and signing