• Athleta Flatiron Studio (map)
  • 5th Avenue & 18th Street
  • New York, NY
  • United States

Let go and Go With The Flow on Sunday, February 19th 1:30pm for the latest installment of Yoga Kitchen & Co in collaboration with Ovary. Space highly limited, ladies. All levels welcome. Details at www.sammeeleigh.com/yogakitchen

A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit Exhale to Inhale.

Yoga Kitchen event February 19th @ Athleta

1:30PM - 3:30PM

Maintain balance and harmony in the body at every stage of your hormonal cycle. Yoga Kitchen & Co. is beyond excited to announce this amazing collaboration with Alexi Surtees co-founder of Ovary, a research platform and community dedicated to improving the conversation around women's health, hormones, fertility, and productivity. This truly special experience will begin with mindful movements to soothe the body and calm the mind with a flow designed to relieve bloating, pain and discomfort; helping you relax, recharge and gain a sense of self-confidence. After, an honest open guided conversation about understanding our hormones, and aligning with our feminine nature will take place while we nibble on smart snacks to say adios to cramps, bloating, fatigue, and cravings. Let’s drop the struggle, stop denying or fighting our cycles, rhythms and let's live in accordance with our body tapping fully into your feminine energy, being at your best in a really practical way. Take a deep breath, and offer yourself some kindness.