Zoë LePage

Zoë  is proud to be the Founder and Executive Director of Exhale to Inhale. Zoë found personal strength and comfort in yoga before completing her yoga teacher training in 2009. As a senior at Barnard College in 2013, Zoë founded Exhale to Inhale. She created the vision for the organization and ensured the correct individuals and systems were in place to make her vision become a reality. Zoë spent three years as a consultant at a boutique consulting firm in New York City, before gratefully returning full time to Exhale to Inhale. She is committed to curiosity, and to choosing joy and gratitude. Zoë is thankful to all of her teachers both on and off the mat.

Tara Tonini

Tara is a lover of nature, movement, color and creativity. Tara discovered yoga as a means of recovery from a relationship of Domestic Violence. Through her dedicated practice, yoga provided a way to reduce stress and regain strength and clarity in her daily life. Tara is a yoga and meditation teacher, Birth Doula and Master Reiki Healer approaching each healing modality through a trauma-informed lens. As Director of Curriculum and Mentoring for Exhale to Inhale, Tara strives to build a community where survivors and teachers can connect and experience the healing art of yoga.

Sophia Holly

Sophia is a 500 hour level yoga teacher, trained at Abhaya. Sophia teaches private and public yoga classes in NYC designed to help people love themselves, regardless of their ability and body size. She also teaches private sessions and yoga based workshops to help people heal their relationship with food and body. Her classes are a blend of flowing movement, and relaxing restorative. When not teaching yoga Sophia is singing and playing music, and enjoying city life.

Julie Fernandez

Julie came upon yoga after struggling with anxiety, depression, abuse and disordered eating. Through yoga, she found the strength to begin her journey to healing and has been sharing yoga with others since. Her classes center on recognizing strengths and shedding the judgements, guilt and shame that arise from unresolved traumas. She brings compassion and empowerment to her students. Julie encourages her students to access their own inner guidance and natural wisdom to reclaim their bodies and cultivate healing. Julie’s experience comes from working in domestic violence shelters throughout New York City and Los Angeles, eating disorder centers, public schools, and mental health clinics. Julie has worked with at-risk teenage girls, and disadvantaged youth providing them with these opportunities for healing.