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Each week, our instructors draw upon the training and resources we provide to plan a sequence of gentle movement and breathing exercises that meet the needs of survivors whose lives have been affected by trauma. Operating in this environment presents its own challenges. However, in the midst of chaos, we attempt to create a safe space in which survivors can breathe and connect with themselves.


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Dec 31 2018


Yoga brings me a dignity of carriage as well as physical strength. I can walk into any place and feel like I belong. Or, if I’m not comfortable, I have the strength of mind to say to myself, ‘No, let’s go.’ Yoga nourishes me…it literally saved my life on a daily basis.”

Student and Exhale to Inhale


I am committed to supporting Exhale to Inhale because it exemplifies so many things that I believe in. As a mom, I love that it shows my three sons how one person's idea and initiative can impact the lives of many. As a feminist, I love that it's creating a supportive, nurturing community for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. And, as an athlete, I love that it provides women with the means to feel strong, confident, and at peace in their bodies.

Exhale to Inhale


Partnering with ETI has been extremely beneficial to the women and children we serve. Their yoga classes have profound short-term and long-term impacts on the participants and on their physical and emotional well-being. There is something deeply healing and grounding about trauma-sensitive yoga that individual and group counseling alone cannot achieve. My clients, staff, and I are all incredibly grateful to ETI for providing this invaluable program that complements VIP’s core services and furthers our mission of empowering survivors of domestic violence and aiding them in their healing process.


Shelter Program Manager

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