Interested in learning about how trauma effects the mind & body?  As a yoga teacher, have you had a student's trauma triggered during your class? Get the resources and tools you need to act appropriately when this happens.

Watch this video to learn more about the Exhale to Inhale Trauma-Informed Teacher Training

Exhale to Inhale Trauma-Informed Teacher Trainings are scheduled throughout the year. They typically include 15 hours of lecture/experiential learning, a training manual, on-line community for sharing & networking, and access to videos / audio for continuing education.  Students will gain tangible trauma-informed yoga tools, learning how to modify yoga to make it more sensitive to those who have experienced trauma, and inclusive to all communities.  

This training qualifies for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

Register for a trauma-informed yoga workshop / teacher training.  Or email us to bring Exhale to Inhale training to your local studio

 February 22nd - 24th Bread & Yoga 5000 Broadway New York, NY 10034  learn more & Register

February 22nd - 24th Bread & Yoga
5000 Broadway
New York, NY 10034
learn more & Register

 November 17th - 18th Mind Body Soul Yoga 350 Fort Washington Avenue New York, NY  Learn More & REgister

November 17th - 18th
Mind Body Soul Yoga
350 Fort Washington Avenue
New York, NY
Learn More & REgister

Exhale to Inhale has held trauma-informed teacher trainings and workshops at these partner studios:

Amazing experience full of understanding and compassion
— Training Participant, May 2018
I came in with some basic background on trauma informed yoga, so was unsure about how much new information I would learn. I ended up learning more than I ever imagined and came out inspired, touched, and with a more nuanced and deep understanding of trauma informed yoga than I thought possible.
— AN, Training Participant, January 2018
I left with very tangible tools to work with my clients. My concerns and worries were addressed.
— Training Participant, March 2018
Thank you for a fantastic teacher training weekend! I really enjoyed the experience. I wish to express kudos for bringing us together as a community, creating a safe space for us to be open and vulnerable, and for delivering high quality instruction. The class you led us through helped me understand how a trauma-informed yoga class matters – I could feel the difference.
— JB, Training Participant, November 2017
It has opened up my eyes to a entirely different approach to yoga, and how it can heal our bodies and minds.
— Training Participant, May 2018
About the “brain information” ... I know it’s out there but ETI does a great job of connecting it to the reason why we practice this type of yoga.
— Training Participant, March 2018
The way in which the training was facilitated was seamless. The way in which it seeped into me was magical I loved the intentional way in which community and safety was prioritized during the training, mirroring a trauma informed yoga class. I also loved how the nuance and complexity of trauma and trauma informed yoga was not shied away from.
— Training Participant, January 2018
I have walked away continuing to talk about the neuroscience and the body’s response to an exhale vs an inhale. I am still processing and feel like I will be working through this training for many years to come. I am so grateful. Thank you
— Training Participant, January 2018
I think every yoga teacher needs to have an understanding of how to hold space for someone who has experienced trauma because they can be in any class.
— Training Participant, January 2018

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